These are some game prototypes that were created or contributed to by me.

Hungry Piggies

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This game was exhibited with other Victoria University student work at UX11 Experience Design Forum!

  • Environment, Item and UI Design by Ben Cotton
  • Original Concept and Character Design by Cornelia Tan
  • Core Mechanics by Calvin Kaye
  • Hunger System and Scoring by Edwin Monk-Fromont
  • AI and Reactions by Liam O'Connor
  • Statistics and Heads-Up Display/UI by Steven Warner

This action-packed casual game was the result of a group project to create a 3D game in Blender.

You are a pig.

You have been placed in a pen with another pig.

A farmer throws food into the pen.

The object of the game: to collect food for yourself and starve the other pig as soon as possible.

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