A handy set of tools for learning foreign languages

LanguageCards is a freeware Windows application suite designed to help you learn new languages.

Effective learning at your own pace

LanguageCards is based around the use of flashcards to build your knowledge and recall of foreign words and phrases. Unlike other such applications, LanguageCards uses intelligent card selection so that the learning curve is never overwhelming and you can learn effectively at your own pace.

The main component of LanguageCards allows you to play flashcard games where you guess the translation of a given word or phrase. Various options enable you to customize gameplay to suit your needs.

Revise as you do other things

Also in the LanguageCards package is Card Show, a tool that enables you to revise while you are doing other tasks on your computer. It runs in the background and displays flashcards in sequence or at random. You can even get it to start showing cards immediately after you log in to Windows or make it so that it stays on top of all the other windows, so that even when you are working you can always have your flashcards in front of you.

Track your progress

With Program Manager you can keep track of all your cards and games in one file. Graphs and statistics are automatically generated so if at any time you want to see your progress and your strengths and weaknesses you can do so easily.

Included with LanguageCards is a large number of Simplified Chinese flashcards to get you started if you are learning Chinese. If you need more or are studying another language you can import cards from other files or create your own using the included LanguageCards Deck Editor.

LanguageCards is FREEWARE. It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on your computer. This can be freely downloaded from Microsoft here.

Download LanguageCards v2.0 Beta for Windows XP/Vista/7

Download LanguageCards v1.0.1.0 for Windows XP/Vista/7