This page contains prototype apps and interaction experiments that I have created myself or contributed to.

Four Seasons

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This experimental app generates dynamic visuals from the current weather conditions and season at your location, as well as mouse or touch gestures.

It was built using HTML5 and Javascript.

Weather data provided by

Note: Although this app works in most modern browsers, it runs best in Google Chrome.

Makara Valley

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This prototype iPad-based ordering app for a fictional restaurant was designed and built with the help of Amanda Dorrell and Lessa Morfee.

I was responsible for all programming involved, and designing some of the screens. Development work was carried out using Adobe Flex and Flash Builder.

Step through the images above to see how I designed parts of the UI iteratively.

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Mobile Interaction Experiments

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These are three mobile interaction experiments I built using Adobe Flex and Flash Builder, designed primarily for the iPad.

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Interactive Sound Collages

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This series of apps was the result of a brief to create five slightly different but related interactive toys that consisted of synergistic visuals, interactivity and music.

These apps were created with Processing ( and can run within this web page. However, Java is required to be installed for these to work - it can be downloaded from here (

Note:If none of these applets are producing any sound you probably need to download and install a MIDI soundbank from here (