This page contains websites I have designed and built; it should also be noted that this very website was created from the ground up by me to meet the latest web standards, using ASP.NET 4 with C#, jQuery and Sass.

Ottoman Kebabs

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This website was created for a fictitious Turkish takeaway restaurant, and was specifically designed to adapt to each of the different devices (mobile, tablet, notebook or desktop) it may be browsed on. As the target audience was determined to be primarily those browsing the site from a mobile phone prior to ordering, it was optimised for mobile phones first and foremost, with the basic functionality to order food and provide location and contact information.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery were used to tailor the site to different devices and screen sizes.

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Spoink! Games

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This simple website was created for the (now defunct) company I co-founded with some fellow designers.

HTML5 and CSS3 were used to adapt the website to different screen sizes.