These are some game prototypes that were created or contributed to by me.

The Loss of Anonymity - an interactive narrative

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The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Every day more and more things that we take for granted are integrating with the Internet, due to the many advantages of such connectivity. Arguably, one area where this is happening most of all is the world of gaming. Bringing the Internet into gaming has greatly expanded the possibilities of the medium. Virtual worlds and social games have brought otherwise isolated people together and enhanced the entertainment value of the medium.

In parallel to this increasing interconnectedness, is the advance of the surveillance society. CCTV cameras are increasingly being used in the real world to prevent crime across the planet, while governments introduce legislation to give them the power to track people’s movements through invasive identification and security measures (such as the proposed NZ Search and Surveillance Bill), brought on by threats of terrorism and crime, and the paranoia induced by them.

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