These are some game prototypes that were created or contributed to by me.

Karma Chameleon

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  • Original Concept and Programming by Ben Cotton
  • Character Animation by Mark Strachan
  • Prop Design by Broughton Elliott
  • Sound by Vikesh Patel
  • Level Design by Rhygan Hart

This game originated with a game proposal conceived and presented by me. On the strength of the proposal, a group was formed to implement a working prototype of the game.

My core gameplay concept was based on the idea of camouflage, while the aesthetic I formulated from German Expressionism and Pop Art.

You play a genetically-engineered chameleon who has broken free in a science lab. With your super powers of camouflage you mission is to liberate the other chameleons being held and escape the building.

While in the darkness you are completely invisible, however under coloured lights you are visible if your skin is a different colour than the light. With the use of batteries you can change your skin to different colours, to disguise yourself under the different coloured lights. However, often you can also use the batteries to change the colour of the lights themselves, through the use of battery-powered switches located around the facility.

Out to get you are numerous security cameras and most importantly, roaming robotic guards. Luckily, these are also battery-powered, so you can kill these enemies by sneaking up behind them and stealing their batteries. In this way, you can replenish your ability to change camouflage while thwarting the enemy.

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