This page contains some interactive installations I created as part of my studies.

Interactive Psychedelia (Psychedelia I)

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This installation provides a fun and mesmerizing way for people to entertain and express themselves. Overlapping circles of various sizes and bright colours are projected on to a wall. These shapes gently float down from the top of the wall continuously, producing a psychedelic display that is engaging yet soothing to watch.

However, more than just providing beautiful but unreactive visuals, through a video camera mounted at the top of the wall people in front of the screen can also interact with and change the display. Through bodily movement, individuals can displace the circles from their downward trajectories and send them careening off in different directions. Circles displaced in this manner leave brightly coloured trails behind them before disappearing off-screen. Through repeated movements in front of the screen, psychedelic shapes and patterns can be formed from the trails created by the circles. After a set period of time the trails themselves fade out to provide a blank slate so new patterns can be created, or so that the shapes will return to simply floating down from the top of the wall.

This installation was created using Max/MSP (

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