This page contains some interactive installations I created as part of my studies.

Aural Psychedelia (Psychedelia II)

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This installation provides a colourful way of having fun and creating music ideally in a large and dark exhibition space. The sound of a brisk draft draws people into the cave-like interaction space, which features projected imagery on a screen. When they move into the space, the sound of rushing air subsides allowing them to interact with the screen through a camera mounted above it. Brightly coloured circles rain down from the top of the screen which the users can displace through bodily movements, to create mystical and alien musical notes which move through the space both aurally and visually, before fading out. Depending on the position and trajectory different musical notes are created allowing many different sounds. People who are not necessarily musically inclined will be be able to unleash their innate creativity in an entertaining way, and create their own alien soundtrack. When the users eventually leave the exhibition space, the sound of rushing air returns, ready to draw the next set of users in.

This installation was created using Max/MSP (

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